"Kuršių turtai" (engl. Curonian wealth) - a name that encompasses many meanings. Title "Curonian" includes both historical, geographical and cultural aspects - these areas were alocated by Curonians, the only  tribe in the territory of Lithuania which had wide access to the Baltic Sea. Written sources indicate that Curonians were one of the richest Baltic tribes, they have tight partnership relations with the other Baltic tribes and nations. It is said that the curonians were good sailors and no less militant than the Scandinavian Vikings. So what is the riches of the Curonians? This is a fertile land and its resources, and the sea / lagoon goods and services. So trying to combine into one brand a complex of properties - the history of the region, the geographical location and the diversity of man-made wealth - have brought together these different areas of the minimalist characters that are recognizable to everyone and at the same time would be a little close to the heraldic motifs.